Frequently asked questions

Venue Rentals

When am I able to start setting up for my event?

You may begin setting up for your event after 9:00 am on the day of your scheduled event. For weddings ceremonies or receptions you may begin setting up the day before the event after 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Do you have parking for my guests?

No, we do not have additional guest parking spaces. There are 2 visitor parking sapces available for your vendors or special needs guests, and one vendor parking space for your caterer. Other guests must use available parking garages or street parking.

Do you have staffing for my event.

Our staff will be available the day before the event to set up any tables or cahirs as needed during the event, and the day after the event to break down tables and chairs. We do not have onsite staffing during events for cleaning up or hosting. You will be responsible for cleaning up the garbage and decorations after your event concludes.

Do you provide catering services?

No we do not offer catering or food service for our clients and guests.

Can I bring in my own caterer?

Yes, you may bring in any caterer of your choice. They will only need to provide us with a copy of their insurance and liability information.

How late can I have my event?

You may begin your event no earlier than 9:00 am and end no later than 11:00 pm. All guests must vacate the premises by 11:00 pm the day of the event.

Room Rentals

When does the lease start?

Your lease will begin on the 1st day of the month and end on the 28th day of the month.

When can I check in?

You may check in to your room and pick up your keys during business hours after the start day listed on your lease agreement. This is usually the first of the month.

What is included in my rent?

All utilities are included in your rental payment. These include electric, water, sewer, heat, refuse, and wifi.

Are the rooms furnished or unfurnished?

All rooms are furnished with a bed and bed frame, desk with chair, nightstand, dresser, lamp, and closet. These are all included with your rental payment and do not come with an additional cost.

My lease says it is a Resident Membership, what does thsi mean?

This means that you are joining a primarily social organization and your approval is contingant upon board aprooval for membership. Your membership dues are included in your rental payment and entitles you to receive invitations to our monthly social functions.

Is parking included in my rent?

No, parking is not included and will be an additional $45 per month if a space is needed during your stay.

Why do I have to pay a security deposit?

As with any lease agreement we collect a tenant damage security deposit for your room. This deposit is fully refundable to you within 30 days after your lease ends as long as there are no remaining balances due, or damge to the room.

What are the different lease options?

We provide one-year (10 months or longer), short term & single semester (2 - 5 months), double semester (6 - 9 months), and weekly leases. We do not offer leases of less than 7 days. Priority will be given to long term one-year applicants over short term leases.

What is the rent cost?

Please refer to the Room Rentals page for more information on current rental rates and room types.

How do I apply?

In order to apply for a room you must complete the application form found on the Resident Application page and submit along with a photo copy of your current Drivers License OR Passport and a non-refundable application fee.

Is it guaranteed that I will be assigned a room once I turn in my application?

No. The University Club reserves the right to accept and reject any application. * If your application is accepted you will receive a notice from the General manager. In order to reserve a room, you must submit the non-refundable application fee, security deposit, and sign a lease agreement within two weeks upon receiving notice. If you fail to do so, the room will be considred for renting and you will lose your reservation.

Can I apply for the semester lease?

6 - 9 month leases and one-year leases are available; a limited number of short term leases may be available on request.

Do you have parking available? How much does it cost?

Yes, we do have parking spaces available for $45 per month for resident members and $75 per month for non-residents. Spaces are limted and offered on a first come basis.

Can I sublet my room?

Yes, however, all sublets must go through the same approval process as other resident members and be over the age of 21 years.

Can I share my room with a friend?

Our rooms are designed to accomodate only one person per bedroom. You are welcome to have guests stay with you for up to two weeks only with approval from the Manager.

What's the setting of the bathrooms? How many people share the bathroom? What about cleaning?

Each floor has two to three bathroom units to be shared among the residents on that floor. Each floor may house up to 13 resident members. Each bathroom is a single occupancy unti only and is for individual private use. The doors do not have locks on the door as to allow egress through the Emergency Fire Ecape which is located at the far side of each bathroom unit. We operate on a closed door bathroom policy which means that if teh door is closed and the lights are on you may not enter until the previous person is finished. Bathrooms are cleaned daily by our in house Custodians.

Are you on Campus? How can I find the University Club?

We site on College Avenue, on campus, between the Fedex Kinkos, ARL Building, and the Steam Plant. We are one block away from the Hammond and Walker Buildings. It is about a 4-minute walk to Old Main Building. Please see our location page.

Can I come and take a look at the place?

Absolutely, we would love to see you! Please contact the General Manager to schedule an appointment Monday - Friday 9am - 4:30pm.

I am only a short term visitor, what are my rental choices?

Short term leases are often available on request. Contact the General manager for availabilty. For short term renting, the minimum stay is 6 nights/7days (one week). In order to apply, you will need to complete an application form and be approved for residency. Weekly rates vary based on the type of room and start at $250 per week for stays up to 7 weeks. Other lease terms of 7 weeks or longer would have varying lease rates based on room type.

When my lease ends, do I get my Security Deposit back?

When you move in you will complete a room condition report noting any damages, wear and tear, and the current condition of the room. At the end of the lease term at check out you will complete the same form and note any changes. If teh condition of all items is the same as when you moved in you will receive a full refund. Otherwise, you will be charged for any damages and cleaning required to return the room to preexisting condition. These damages will be deducted from your depoit and the remaing balance will be returned within 30 days AFTER the lease end date along with a written notice of any deductions. If you have not received your refund within 30 days contact the manager at

Social Membership

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