Venue Rentals

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  • Meetings
  • Events
  • Birthdays
  • Receptions
  • Weddings
  • Picnics
  • Luncheons

The historic University Club offers many solutions for your next event. 

Our rates include the rooms, and tables and chairs, and use of the facilities. 

Our prices are available on request. Please call 814-237-6576 to discuss your needs.


Contact us today to schedule your facility tour and discuss options for your catered event. 

Our rooms include a cozy library with gas fireplace, spacious living room, and banquet-size dining room. The outdoor patio, porch and lawn extend the venue for outdoor parties. These separate areas can be rented in various configurations to suit your needs. 

For more information and rates, please call 814-237-6576. 

  • Living Room & Library Rental

    • Maximum Capacity - 80 Standing/60 Seated​

    • Rate - POR

  • Dining Room Rental

    • Maximum Capacity - 150 Standing/120 Seated​

    • Rate - POR

  • Living Room, Library, & Dining Room Rental

    • Maximum Capacity - 230 Standing/180 Seated​

    • Rate - POR

  • Living Room, Library, Dining Room, & Outdoor Rental

    • Maximum Capacity - Indoors 230 Standing/180 Seated, 

    • Rate - POR

  • Outdoor Areas Only - Lawn, Patio, & Porch Rental​​

    • Rate - POR​

​For more information and rates, please call 814-237-6576.

* Linens are included in the color white, other colors are available on request for an additional charge. Please discuss options with the manager prior to booking.

** Caterer must be approved and submit any safety certificates and license prior to arrival.

*** All guests must vacate the premises by 11:00 pm or host may be subject to an additional fee of $500 per hour that guests are still present inside the property.