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The Last Friday this month coincides with the date of the 1836 first battle of the Alamo.

The fort, not the rental car company. This is an historic excuse to explore a Tex-Mex party theme. So don’t delay, sign up now and enjoy an evening with your friends!

Friday, February 23 • Beginning at 6:30

Members Early Online Sign-up (before 10 p.m. Feb. 20) $10 (Members late sign-up: $20)


Guests early sign-up: $20 (Guests late sign-up: $30)

D o n ’ t  F o r g e t !   B r i n g  Yo u r  O w n  B e v e r a g e !

Please note: The U Club no longer accepts any cash. Online credit card payments only.

Guests are welcome, but must be over 21 and must be accompanied by a sponsor member. Thanks for your cooperation!