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U Club End of Oktoberfest

Ach, du Lieber! Musik und Gutes Essen! Alles Wunderbar!

Beginning At 6:00 p . m .

Sunday, October 29 from 6:00 until 9:00

Members Early Online Sign-up (before 10 pm Oct. 26) $10

Members late sign-up: $20

• Guests early sign-up: $20

Guests must be invited by a current Member.  Guests, please type the member’s name in the customer ID field of the payment form.

• Guests late sign-up: $30

Please note: The U Club does not accept any cash. Online credit card payments only. Guests are welcome, but must be accompanied by a sponsor member named on the payment form. Thanks for your cooperation!

Bring Your Own Bottle…and one to share!