Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Resident Membership and Room Rentals



    1. Do not sign the Lease if you do not understand the Lease and its contents. The lease is a legally binding contract, which will be upheld fully in a court of law.

    2. The Lease does not renew automatically.

    3. The Lease starts on the 1st and expires at noon on the 28th, you may not check in or move in until this date.

    4. If renewing your lease for the following semester, a renewal form provided by the Manager must be completed and turned in 60 days prior to the end of your lease date.

    5. Under no condition may the Member terminate the Lease prior to its full term without the prior written consent of the Landlord

    6. All Rules and Regulations made by the University Club Board of Directors are part of the Lease Agreement and are a legally binding and enforceable contract.

    7. Any changes made to the Rules and Regulations Policies, University Club By-Laws, or Constitution will be made available to you in writing and will be made a part of this agreement as amended. All changes will be effective immediately and must be abided by and adhered to and will be made a part of your Lease Agreement.


    1. All security deposits and first-month rent must be paid prior to receiving your room keys.

    2. Check-in will be scheduled prior to arrival, please alert the Manager of your arrival time so we may make appropriate accommodations. Please make appropriate accommodations to pay your first month’s rent and pick up keys during office hours only, Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm after the lease start date.

    3. Early check-ins will not be permitted, please schedule your arrival times per your lease start date. You may not check in or move in until the first day your Lease begins after 12:00 PM on that day.

    4. When checking in to your room you will be provided with the following forms:

      • Resident Member Rules and Regulations Packet (fill out and return the Fire Safety Form, and Rules Agreement Signature page found at the end of this packet, you may keep the packet for your reference)

      • Mailbox Information Sheet (as needed)

      • Parking Registration Form and Permit (as needed)

      • Room Condition Report (must be returned within 24 days of checking in). If not returned you will be held liable for any damages found in the room after your departure and the amount of repair will be deducted from your Security Deposit. This form is for your protection from charges or litigation.

      • Other useful information as deemed necessary.

    5. Each Resident Member will be provided with bed linens (flat and fitted sheet set, pillow and pillowcase, and light blanket), bath towel, and washcloth for your use. You must supply your own shower shoes and shower caddy. The linens and towels must be returned when your lease ends, you are responsible for laundering your own bed linens during your stay. You may use any laundromat in town or the washer and dryer on site.


    1. Security deposits are held at Reliance Bank in State College, Pennsylvania, until their return within 30 days after the end of your lease by Bank Drafted Cashier’s Check and mailed to the address provided on the Deposit Request Form or by another method as chosen when checking out.

    2. Security Deposits are fully refundable less any service charges or fees (not to exceed $125) and only after moving out of the leased premises, after turning in all keys, Deposit Request Form, Room Condition Report, and Move Out Checklist.

    3. An application fee of $200 is required when submitting the deposit. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and will be applied to the deposit if your application is approved. 

      • If your application is declined, or you cancel your application prior to taking possession of the leased premises the application fee is still NON-REFUNDABLE. 

      • After lease signing and taking possession of the room, your application fee will be refunded at the end of the lease term as part of your $1000 security deposit. 

    4. The Landlord reserves the right to apply any or all the Member’s security deposit to outstanding expenses at the end of the Lease Agreement. This includes damages to room or house, unpaid rents, repairs or maintenance required to prepare the room for re-rental that are not part of everyday wear and tear, replacement of carpets or flooring, and/or cleaning. All personal items left in the room after vacating are deemed abandoned and disposed of at your expense to be deducted from your deposit.

    5. Security deposit may not be used as payment of monthly Rent or last month’s Rent.

    6. After taking out for damages and unpaid Rent, LANDLORD agrees to refund to TENANT any security deposit money which remains less mailing fees and service charges.  TENANT agrees to give LANDLORD a written forwarding address when TENANT leaves and the Lease ends.  LANDLORD will send the remaining security deposit money to TENANT no later than 30 days after the TENANT vacates and the Lease ends.  TENANT will also receive a written list of damages and amounts of money taken from the security deposit, if any, which may include late fees, returned check fees, lost key fees, shipping and handling fees, or wire transfer fees. These shipping or wire transfer fees may not exceed $125.

    7. LANDLORD may in the absence of any at fault party back charge all Tenants Security Deposits for any damage to the property, if the damage is believed to have been caused by a TENANT or Tenants guests.

    8. TENANT agrees that if the TENANT does not take possession of the leased premises after signing the Lease Agreement, the security deposit will be forfeited and non-refundable, and you may be liable for the total amount of the lease agreement.


    1. All rent is due in the Landlord’s office, paid by credit card, or mailed to The University Club, 331 west College Ave, State College, PA 16801, in advance of (before) the first of the month. If rent is not received by the 5th day of the month, a late fee of $15.00 per day is added to your account and may be deducted from your security deposit at the end of your lease.

    2. This charge is retroactive to the first day of the month, not to exceed $450 per month, any outstanding balances and unpaid rent beyond 30 days will result in legal action and immediate eviction from the premises.

    3. Only checks and money orders are to be placed in the drop box or mailed, rent may be paid online with a credit card from our website through our secure online services. We do NOT accept cash for payments. All checks must be made payable to The University Club.  In the memo section, please list your room number, month payable, and parking if applicable.

    4. Money received from the Member shall be applied against any outstanding balance in the order of accumulation of that balance.

    5. A returned check fee of $30.00 will be assessed on ALL returned checks and payable to the Landlord immediately.

    6. Any returned checks which are not made good within ten (10) days will be deducted from your security deposit and may negatively affect your credit and residence at the University Club.

    7. Member acknowledges that habitual past due payment of rent is a material default under this Lease.


    1. A Member’s guests must be supervised always. It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure their guests comply with all University Club rules and regulations when they are visiting The University Club. The Member is responsible for all damage or injury resulting from his/her guest’s behavior.

    2. Members shall not furnish guests with alcohol on Club premises if they are not of legal drinking age in the United States.

    3. An overnight guest may stay with a Member for a maximum of (7) seven days with advance permission of the Manager.


    1. Parking is not included in the rent, if a Member leases a parking space from the Landlord, the Member agrees to park in the designated space as specified by the Landlord

    2. Members shall not park any oversized truck, moving van, trailer, or disabled motor vehicle, motor home, boats, trailers, or any commercial vehicle in the parking areas. Members shall not park any vehicle to block access to the building, exits from the parking lot, in front of the dumpster, or any other parking place.

    3. Visitor parking spots are for the convenience of out-of-house club members, guests, and vendors coming to visit at the University Club. Visitor parking spots are a maximum of 2 hours per day, Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Visitors that are parked in violation of this purpose, who have left the building, or are not under any member supervision will be towed from the premises at the vehicle owner’s expense.

    4. Any vehicle still in visitor parking by Monday morning at 9 am without permission from the Manager for an extended stay, will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense.

    5. In the event a vehicle is improperly parked in an unassigned or inappropriate area; the Landlord has the authority to tow the vehicle at the vehicle owner’s expense.

    6. A member shall not cause or suffer any damage to any other vehicles parked in the parking area.


    1. Bicycles must be locked at the bicycle racks provided for on the East side of the property.

    2. University Club is not responsible for any damages, loss of property or vandalism to bicycles parked on our property.

    3. Do not park bicycles on lawns, sidewalks, or in public areas of the building. Do not lock your bicycles to the railings, pillars, or stairways. Do not park on the porch or patio areas.

    4. Bicycles are not permitted inside the University Club at any time. The Landlord has the right to remove any bicycle found in relation to this or the above item without notice.

    5. You may be asked to label your bicycle with your name and room number during semester turnovers so we are able to remove any unused items.


    1. No items may be stored outside the building or on the property grounds.

    2. The University Club is not responsible for any Members property or damage to one’s individual property.

    3. At the end of your lease, any individual property left inside or outside of The University Club will be deemed abandoned and discarded.

    4. Landlord assumes no liability for the removal and cost of moving any abandoned items and will be charged as damages and deducted from your security deposit.

    5. Garbage, refuse, and any other waste matter shall be disposed of in the trashcans located on each floor of the building.

    6. Larger items including furniture must be placed inside the dumpster.


    1. The University Club is a “Drug-free” facility. The possession, sale, manufacture or distribution of any controlled substance is illegal under both state and federal laws. Violators are subject to University Club disciplinary action, criminal prosecution, fines, and imprisonment.

    2. It is unlawful to sell, furnish or provide alcohol to any person under the age of 21.

    3. Anyone caught supplying alcohol to anyone under the legal drinking age will be prosecuted fully and face immediate eviction from the premises.

  10. NOISE

    1. A member shall not make any disturbing noises in the building nor do anything that will interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of other members.

    2. Quiet hours are between (11:00 pm) eleven o’clock p.m. and the following (8:00 am) eight o’clock a.m.  During these hours, noise must be kept below a level where it can be heard outside of a Member’s own bedroom

    3. All music must be kept to a minimum during business hours; we do have potential clients visiting the University Club on a day to day basis.

    4. Wake alarms or bedside alarms for waking must be kept as quiet as possible to not disturb others with the sounds.


    1. The University Club is a NON-SMOKING FACILITY. No one may smoke anywhere inside the building at any time including but not limited to Resident Member bedrooms and fire escapes. The designated smoking area is located on the east side of the property at the grey porch area.

    2. Do not leave cigarette butts, cigarette packs, tobacco, pipes, hookahs, or other tobacco paraphernalia lying around the property.

    3. We operate on a No Party Policy at the University Club, this means you may NOT have any gathering or private party which may furnish alcohol at any time for any reason unless conducted and sponsored by the University Club Social Membership. As a Member, you are urged to participate in our social calendar of events.

    4. No Resident Member may at any time place rugs, lamps, boxes, extension cords or other objects in the doorways or windows as this poses a safety hazard.

    5. No extension cords are permitted to be used in the building at any time for any reason. Any computer must be plugged into a certified grounded wall outlet only.

    6. Public hallways, entrances, and stairways shall only be used for entrance to or exit from the building.

    7. Public areas are designed for the enjoyment of all Resident Members.  Therefore, Resident Members will not engage in behaviors that may infringe on the enjoyment of others – including but not limited to excessive noise, and failing to keep clean all public areas.

    8. If Landlord hires an exterminator, Member shall, upon a 24-hour notice, remove all articles from closets and cupboards and shall admit Landlord’s employees and exterminator to the room for performing such services.

    9. No member under any circumstance may enter another member’s room, Offices, maintenance areas, boiler rooms, or supplies closets.

    10. You must maintain care of your individual property, and the property of the University Club always. Any disrespect, gross negligence, or destruction of the building or its property will cause your lease to be forfeited.


    1. The University Club is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in housing and employment. The University Club prohibits discrimination against and harassment of any student, Resident Member, employee, applicant for employment, third party or social member because of race; color; national or ethnic origin; age; religion; disability; sexual orientation; gender; gender identity and expression; including a transgender identity; genetics; veteran status; retaliation; and any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law, herein called “protected categories.” The University Club expects all its employees, students, and community members to join with and uphold this commitment.


    1. Smoking – in any area of the house

    2. Antennas or Satellite dishes

    3. Portable dishwashers, cooktops, or electric stoves.

    4. Clothes dryers or washers

    5. Lofts or bunk beds

    6. Halogen lamps or light fixtures

    7. Hot tubs, or fluid-filled furniture (waterbeds)

    8. Adhesives, or stickers on walls or furniture

    9. Gardens and Lawn decorations

    10. Extension cords or ungrounded outlets

    11. Washing of vehicles

    12. Firearms or ammunition

    13. Fire pits – in ground, bonfires

    14. Volleyball or other types of nets.

    15. Cutting of trees, shrubs or brush

    16. Portable heaters or space heaters

    17. Burning incense and or candles

    18. Being on the roof, or fire escapes

    19. Parking on the grass

    20. Large Nails or screws, shelving units attached to walls



    1. The public areas including bathrooms are cleaned by our staff on a weekly basis by our custodians.

    2. Carpets are cleaned by a professional cleaner prior to occupancy. If you need to have your carpet cleaned during your stay you MUST contact a professional carpet cleaning company to clean the carpets for you. Any damages or mold resulting from unapproved carpet cleaning sources will be deducted from your security deposit.

    3. Each Resident is responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of the public spaces and their own bedrooms. You must clean up after yourself when using any of the public areas of the house. This is a shared residence and each member must do their part to keep the University Club clean.

    4. The vacuum cleaner is in the supplies closet on the first floor across from room 102 and the bathroom, and in the supplies closet on the fourth-floor landing.

    5. DO NOT leave dirty dishes or garbage in the public areas of the house, this includes bathrooms, hallways, floor landings, living room, library, or dining rooms. This will draw bugs, insects, and rodents to our facility and you will be responsible for the cost of hiring an exterminator.


    7. We have a dishwasher on duty Monday through Sunday to clean the dishes, please be responsible and separate dishes in the appropriate bus bins and scrape food into garbage cans, NOT INTO THE SINK!

    8. Keep doors and windows without screens closed to keep flies out, which may carry the disease that can cause extreme illness.

    9. Report any holes where an animal can enter.

    10. Do not feed the animals around the building.

    11. Report any animals which are inside the building to Management

    12. Do not leave dishes or garbage in the hallways, floor landings, or stairwells – this will attract flies, cockroaches, and rodents!


    1. We have 1 washer and 1 dryer in the basement laundry room. Please do not leave your clothes unattended. Any Resident Member has the right to remove clothes from the washer or dryer if they are left unattended.

    2. The cost for laundry is $2.00 for washing and $1.75 for drying. The laundry machines are Debit Card operated and do not take coins or cash.

    3. Please clean the lint screen located at the top of the dryer before each use. Lint should be disposed of in the trash can, NOT IN THE SINK. This will clog the drains and result in flooding of the basement.

    4. We have an ironing board in the laundry room.  DO NOT IRON CLOTHES IN YOUR BEDROOM.

    5. University Club does not assume responsibility for the loss of clothing, whether due to theft or to the use of laundry machines and ironing equipment. If Laundry Machines are non-operational please call the (800) Number listed in the washroom and a Technician will be out shortly to address the concern.


    1. Non–Resident Members are NOT permitted into the Resident Member sleeping areas at any time without express written consent from the manager, this includes overnight house guests, visitors, and delivery drivers. If ordering delivery, you must plan for the delivery driver to meet you downstairs in the lobby area.

    2. No animals or pets may be kept by any Member in or around the leased premises at any time.

    3. Personal refrigerators or portable electric coolers must meet standard 1.5 Cubit Foot requirements to be permitted in the bedrooms.

    4. No electric heaters are permitted in the bedrooms at any time.

    5. ONE (1) Small Air Conditioning window unit is allowed in the room of NOT more than 5000 BTU’s. DO not use tape or adhesive of any kind when installing A/C Units. If assistance is needed for installing the A/C contact the manager.

    6. Members may not make any alterations, repairs, improvements, or additions to the Member’s room or any public area of the Club.  Member is responsible for any costs incurred in returning altered areas to their previous condition.

    7. A member shall keep the premises in a good state of preservation and cleanliness.  A member shall not sweep or throw away dirt or other substance out of the windows or into any of the corridors or halls, or stairways of the University Club.

    8. Member is responsible for the cost of repairs for any damage which he/she causes and this cost will be deducted from your security deposit.

    9. A member shall keep doors and windows closed and secured during inclement weather.

    10. No heavy items permitted such as weights, safes, water beds or other items over 100 pounds. Please ask the Manager if you are unsure whether the item is too heavy to be brought into the residence.

    11. Locks on the door leading into Member’s room may not be added or changed without Landlord consent.  Landlord will have a key to every lock and every lock will be compatible with the master key system for the building. No locks shall be installed or keys duplicated. No additional locks, chains, or padlocks may be installed on any door at any time.  Member will be charged for any damage to the door, door frame, removal of locks, lost keys, and failure to return keys.

    12. Any furniture which was in the room prior to moving in must be in working condition and returned to the room when moving out. This includes the desk, chair, dresser, mirror, bed and box spring mattress, bed frame and garbage can.


    1. The landlord reserves the right to inspect the leased premises at any time to ensure that the premises are clean and sanitary, no damages have occurred, to perform maintenance or do repairs, to show the room, to check smoke detector, or for any other reasonable matter.


    1. Submit any request for maintenance using our online request form or by writing on the maintenance request clipboard hanging outside of the office at the information center.


    1. All doors lock at 5:00 PM. Please check all keys when you receive them to ensure they are working properly. One set of keys is issued to each residence, one for the entrance doors and one to your bedroom.

    2. If you lock yourself out of the house or bedroom during business hours Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, please see the Manager to have your door unlocked.

    3. After hours, you must call Auman’s Key Services at (814) 237-1398

    4. There may be a charge for this service, all charges are payable to Auman’s Key Shop and will not be reimbursed or paid by the University Club.

    5. If there is a broken or frozen lock or door handle, or if your key will not work and it is after hours call Auman’s Key Shop, the invoice for repairs will be sent to the University Club if it is found to be damaged through no fault of your own.

    6. If you damage the room door, lock, handle or key you will be responsible for all repairs resulting from the use of excessive force or negligence.

    7. If you lose or misplace your keys there will be a $25 charge per key for replacement, you may not duplicate the keys in your possession under any circumstance.


    1. A member shall keep all lavatories, sinks, commodes, and all other water and plumbing apparatus in good order and repair and shall use same only for the purpose for which they were constructed.  Member will not allow any sweepings, rubbish, feminine hygiene products, grease, paper towels, or other substances to be thrown or deposited therein. 

    2. Any damage to any such apparatus and the cost of clearing stopped plumbing resulting from misuse shall be the responsibility of the member and will be deducted from the responsible Members security deposit.

    3. Keep all personal toiletries in a caddy in your bedroom. Do not leave items in the bathroom after exiting or they will be disposed of. A caddy may be provided to any member of the hospitality department on a limited availability.

    4. When you leave the bathrooms please remove all your personal items and leave the door open.

    5. DO NOT USE FIRE EXITS: Do not open these doors to air out or prop open except in the case of an emergency Violations will cause Alarm to sound and Fire Response Teams to arrive at the building to disengage alarm system.


    1. A refrigerator, freezer, and microwaves are available for use in the Resident Member kitchen.

    2. Label all items you store in the refrigerator and freezer with. Labels should have your name and the date.

    3. DO NOT store raw, uncooked meat of any kind in the refrigerator, only store meat in the freezer beside the refrigerator. Any raw, uncooked meat found in the refrigerator will be disposed of and you will not be reimbursed for the cost.

    4. Keep the refrigerator clean and sanitary to prevent illness and contamination. It is your responsibility to clean and organize your own belongings in the freezer and refrigerators.

    5. When moving out or leaving for extended periods of time, remove all food items from the refrigerator and dispose of in the proper receptacles. Food does not need to be removed from the freezer unless you are moving out permanently.

    6. Clean out and properly label all food items kept in the pantry, please read the label of your food to determine if it must be kept refrigerated.


    1. Use the Resident Member move out checklist when it is time to check out of your room, request your room condition from the manager to complete and return along with your keys, and deposit request form.

    2. If any keys are not returned any later than noon on the day the lease expires, Member will be charged a holdover fee of $100.00 per day until all keys are returned and will be deducted from your security deposit.

    3. If keys are not received within 24 hours of when the lease expires, in addition to the holdover fee, Member will be charged for replacement of all locks.

    4. If Member has not removed all items from the premises, personal items will be boxed and stored for seven (7) days.  Member must pay for the storage, wages to remove items, and the holdover fee to receive belongings.  After seven (7) days, all items will be disposed of at the Members expense.  This includes any items in the storage area.

    5. Upon vacating, the Member must provide written notice requesting the return of the security deposit and include the following information:

      • Date of request.

      • Room number of the vacated room.

      • Date premises were vacated.

      • The preferred method of refund

      • Forwarding address

      • Signature

    6. Landlord reserves the right to include a 15% administrative fee on any deductions including, but not limited to, Member failure to leave the premises in a clean and orderly fashion, maintenance items, repairs, or failure to return keys, service fees or charges.

    7. The security deposit request form will be given when the member checks in, it is the Member’s responsibility to hold these items until it is needed for checking out.

    8. The room must be in the same condition as when the member received it, this includes:

      • All furniture must be put back in the room – desk, chair, lamp, mirror, mattress and box spring, bed frame, dresser, desk, and garbage can

      • The room must be vacuumed and all trash picked up and removed

      • All personal belongings must be removed from room and closet.

    9. Keys must be turned in along with any additional items requested by the Landlord.


    1. All sublets of rooms must be approved by the University Club Manager in writing in advance of sublet arrival.

    2. All Sub-Member must apply form, and copies of their Passport or Photo Identification, and letter of reference for approval. Sub-Members must follow the same approval process as Resident Members.

    3. In adherence to the University Club By-Laws, no Sub-Member may be permitted who is under 21 years of age. Any Sub-Member under 25 years of age may be required to have a Parental Guarantor accompany their application.

    4. No member may not “double book” his or her room. Double booking means to sublet a room to more than one person at the same time.

    5. You may not sublet any room which you do not have a lease for.

    6. A sublease is a separate lease between the Member and another person who leases from the Member. Member agrees to not assign or to sublet without permission in writing from the Landlord. Member must fill out a Sub Lease Agreement.  Sub-Member shall not use the Room for any purpose other than as allowed in the Lease.

    7. Sub-Landlord must remove all individual property for the duration of the Sub-Members stay.

    8. Member agrees that it is a violation of the lease if he assigns or subleases without the written consent of the Landlord.

    9. Any items to be left in the room must be negotiated with both parties and submitted to management 30 days before the start of sublease agreement.

    10. At the end of your lease term, and when the Sub-Member moves out of the assigned room, the room will be inspected. Please submit a forwarding address prior to leaving the property and before Sub-Member takes possession of the leased room for your Security Deposit to be returned. 

    11. Any damages the Sub-Member incurs will be deducted from the Sub-Landlords Security deposit at the time of the room check out of the Sub-Member.