The University Club of State College is a privately-held corporation which has operated as such continuously since its founding in 1908. It has occupied its current Clubhouse since 1914 on land deeded it in 1913.  The makeup of the Club is two-fold:  Social Members from the State College Community and beyond who share a mutual interest in the life of the Club, and Resident Members from around the world who live in the Club house giving it the nickname “Mini United Nations”.  All members enjoy the Club’s rich history which appeals to the young and old alike.

In spite of economic challenges, two World Wars and changing customs, the University Club continues to be an integral part of the State College Community’s social fabric.

The University Club today is operated by a 15-member all-volunteer Board of Directors, and a paid staff for daily operations. The membership consists of roughly 100 Social Members, and as many as 39 Resident Members who call the Club their home.